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Do you know your life's purpose? Do you spend more time at work than experiencing life? Do you feel life's limitations are blocking your path to meet your goals, financially, physically, and spiritually? If you are a businesswoman of color searching for a way to achieve professional success while growing in your authentic self, this is the masterclass for you. You do not have to choose between work and living your life. This masterclass teaches you how to balance both and you will leave with a life-design tailored to your desires. You will have the self-confidence and practical tools to implement the plan. And you will have the option to continue with additional personal coaching along the way.

Join the masterclass that supports where you are on your success journey:

Choose from two pathways detailed below:


Join my Women's Masterclass for Designing your balanced life.

3-Month Pathway

This sets a strong foundation. Together we will explore your desires and intentions about establishing goals for a more balanced life. We will clarify your life goals, identify your purpose and passions in your work, and build a strategy for creating and achieving your goals. You will leave with a foolproof vision and plan for your professional and personal success.


6-Month Pathway

This will start with setting the same strong
foundation as the 3-month plan. The additional 3 months we'll be able to take an extended intensive to dive deep into your professional and personal goals. You will receive guidance and support to achieve them. We will refine your planned goals, look at your life habits to realign them to your goals, and build your confidence and toolkit to achieve them.  You will leave equipped and ready to succeed.

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