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It is your time to THRIVE!

Online Career Coaching with Shanice W. MBA-HRM

Meet Shanice

HR Professional and Business Owner

Hi Beloved. I am Shanice, a seasoned HR leader, entrepreneur, CEO, and empowerment coach. As the founder of Soul Movement LLC, I know all about the highs that come with stepping out on faith towards accomplishing your professional goals, to the lows of powering through with lack of resources and "safety-net"; and all the crazy in between. I’ve been there, done that, and have the receipts to prove it!


What I Specialize In

Clarity in your Purpose

Goal-Setting for Success

 Professional Development Plan

Job Search Preparation

Personalized Career Plan

It's not about where or when you start, as long as you take that first step.

"I come to [Shanice] for a valuable opinion, affirmation & accountability. [She] added to my life both personally & professionally by helping me realize my worth, by helping realize that we both go through similar experiences so you add perspective, you add joy & you add wise perspective."

- Entrepreneur Client

"Thank you so much for guiding me and looking over my resume to make it stronger, your check ins, and your social media platforms!!! Seriously, you're GOALS! "

- Job Seeking Client

"I struggled to see my full professional potential. [This Program] helped me better understand where to place my focus. I was able to use other aspects of my life to present a better formed version of myself: confident, inspired and organized."

- Career Change Client

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