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Corporate Services

To help organizations become self-sufficient in sustaining a more equitable, inclusive, and thriving workplace.


All projects include a consultation to assess your needs, plan, and timeline for your project. 

Organizational Development

Working closely with your organization to review and update essential company documents such as standard procedures and policy handbooks. Ensuring compliance with regulations while fostering a culture of efficiency and transparency. It is required that we work in conjunction with your Human Resources and/or Legal.

This service is priced based on the scope and complexity of the project. We offer customized quotes tailored to your organization's specific needs.


Transitional Services

Transitional services for employees are essential to support you during times of organizational change. Providing you with a compassionate advisor to assist your employees with career counseling using our signature Success Coaching framework, customer service, and a supportive presence during these transitional times.

This service is priced per participant, with discounts available for larger groups, and with additional customization options available upon request.


Leadership Training

Offering personalized leadership and strength training programs designed to enhance the skills of your managers and HR practitioners. This service focuses on leveraging their strengths in coaching, communication, and strategic leadership to drive impactful results. Also offering customized services for HR practitioners to create individual development plans tailored to their career aspirations and organizational needs. 

This service is priced per participant, with discounts available for larger groups, and with additional customization options available upon request.


Team Building

Dedicated facilitator for team-building activities and retreats that foster deep connections among your employees and promote alignment with your organization's mission and values. Designing engaging experiences that enhance teamwork and collaboration.

This service is priced per event or retreat, with options for customization based on group size and specific objectives. 


Project Management

Providing project management services with short-term oversight for mid to large-scale initiatives such as system implementations, engagement events, and mass hiring programs. Committed to ensuring smooth project execution and successful outcomes.

This service is priced based on the duration and complexity of the project. Offering competitive hourly or project-based rates.



We keep you up-to-date on federal and state wage and hour regulations and ensure your organization complies. We also help identify potential impacts on organizational procedures and practices and offer solutions to mitigate risks. 

This service is available on a monthly membership subscription. It includes access to informational webinars, resources, alerts, and the internally published "FLSA Focus" on updates and changes to wage laws in CA (and other states based on demographics and impact). Members can also request additional consulting hours, which are priced based on the level of support required and the complexity of their organization's compliance needs. 

Not Seeing Your Need?

Let me know by sending a brief description of your next project.

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