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My Passion outgrew my Placement

It has been a minute since my last blog and I am sorry for that. I would love to say I have been busy changing the world, but preparation is key...they say. So instead the world has been changing me. Shifting my perspectives of life and recalibrating my goals and desires. I am becoming more in tune with my passions, professionally and personally, and gaining more understanding of my purpose on earth. As a result, I gained the revelation that MY PASSION HAS OUTGROWN MY PLACEMENT.

I have spent a decade existing in the same places and doing the same things. Don't get me wrong this has built my foundation and I have learned so much in the process. But as I was climbing the preverbal success ladder, I never once paused to see the sights or question the destination. So I took these last couple years (possibly due to circumstances) to stop and take a full assessment of my surroundings.

  1. Do I like it here?

  2. Am I doing what I love to do?

  3. Have I made an impact?

  4. Am I happy?

Amongst other questions. There is value in being where you can grow and flourish. Like plants we need the right mix of soil, water, and sunlight to feed our aspirations. Also like plants we can outgrow the pots we are placed in. It may have been a perfect fit before, but things change, and that is okay. The trick is to have the self awareness to know when that time has come. Familiarity is comfortable, yes, but I learned that the discomfort comes from not feeling full at the end of the day. So what do you do when you realize your passion is bigger than your placement? Be bold enough to shift. Explore new places. Engage in new things. Be open to new opportunities. But most of all, stay true to your own growth; at your own pace. I have solicited advice from all avenues and most say "quit what you're doing and jump into something new". I realized I am not the quitting type. I don't run away from things, I run towards them. So be patient. Stay alert. God will provide that door for you to run towards. And while you wait, learn your passion and prepare yourself. With any new thing comes new challenges and responsibilities. But we are ready for that!

Interested in how I identified my passion, assessed my placement, and ran towards my purpose? Comment below.

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