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Affirmative Action turned NEGATIVE

Today is my day off! Rarely does a black sister ever get some time for herself, and to think I thought this day would FINALLY be one. Started off with a nice walk with my fury-broke friend, had breakthrough after breakthrough in my therapy session, and thought 'Hmmm...let me do my daily news feed review'. I should have gone back to sleep while I was on a high. Now, I am not here to share my poli-socio-legal views on the recent Supreme Court ruling that blew up the interwebs today. You will not find me on this platform spewing my thoughts around decisions made in that arena - at least not this blog entry. I will share my story as a black American woman. I will share my experiences in hopes to shed light on the real...yes very real...results of decisions like these. So, here starts the rant. Hope you are ready.


If you know me, you know I show high regard for education. Whether it be formal/conventional or independent/radical, I believe that education is the true key to success in any arena. So when rules are set and create restrictions that limit access to said education, well, IT PISSES ME OFF! Knowledge is for everyone and should not be used as a pon for a much larger strategy to do harm. I mean what is the harm in everyone having fair access to educational resources of their own choice? No, let me be specific. What is the harm in SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE ME having fair access? (Yup!) I mean, let me run it down. I graduated from high school with a 4.6 GPA understanding the system that was set against me before I was even thought of by my parents. Some may say that this very policy that has been removed today afford me the access to select from multiple UC and State schools, to make my own decision that was for me. This very policy gave me acceptance into the school of my choice and be the first in my family to get a 4-year degree. To then begin my working career building my financial foundation. All before getting another degree to deepen my status in my professional field. Only to now give back to education and build my own corporate empire. So some may say I wouldn't be this far in building my generational wealth without said Act (or maybe that is the problem??). I can't help but wonder if my children have now lost their chance, or at least will need to work ten times as hard as I did to succeed in their dreams.


Another thing I want to get off my chest is how there is a specific and unique social cast, in America, that did not have a head start to generational wealth and freedoms. And to narrow down further, some groups start well behind the starting line. So when I share my story it comes from days and years of digging myself out of a hole someone else put me in. A hole someone strategically put my name on. Everything I have done, and continue doing, is to make sure I dig myself out before they put a lid over it, and when I am out to burn the sign that they started crafting for my unborn children. I believe it is important to keep top of mind the starting points of all parties when there are discussions around systematic changes, and assessing how said changes can allow equitable traction for each to achieve. If the vision is for everyone to achieve regardless of race, belief, creed, etc...why not?


I said this was a rant, but I will bring it to an end. This was my day off, but Grandma always said '"There is never rest for the weary". Hearing this news was another gut punch. Another back step to all that my ancestors have done to this point in moving towards equal rights and liberties. How many times will I wake up to see something else taken away that is ours out right? How many times will I wake up to unnecessary arguments on the relevance of my existence? How many times will these things happen until there is a full uproar? Yet, still, I will rise. I will rise to speak out on my experiences being a black woman in this America. I will rise to the opportunity to show the true value I bring to every room I am in. I will rise to continue to grow my company, resources, and territory so that my children (and theirs, and theirs.....) will not have to rise to these same hardships. I will rise each day as a role model of true black excellence - and no federal ruling can take that.

Tomorrow, do not ask me my views on what happened today because I am sure there will be something new to come. Instead, receive this as my way to encourage and empower readers like you to keep rising each day to be changemakers and risk-takers so we all can shine our lights without limits.

To learn more about Affirmative Action in history, check out this source from the AAAED.

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