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Offering independent consultation to organizations to optimize processes and initiatives for better efficiencies, greater impact, and innovative success. To help organizational leaders of color to meet their strategic targets while remaining true to their mission, retaining exceptional talent and employee satisfaction, and bringing overall change to their communities.

Corporate Consulting

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Organizational Development*

From standard procedures to policy handbooks, get an experienced consultant to help you create company documents for better compliance.

Services Include: Employee Handbook design or update Documenting global hiring procedures Training as needed

Leadership Training

Providing customized skill-building techniques to help your managers and HR become impactful leaders through leveraging their strengths in coaching and communication.

Services Include: Group workshops Management training Development training

Project Management*

Short-term oversite of mid-large scale transitions such as system implementation, events, and mass hiring.

Services Include: HRIS Implementation Oversight Employee Engagement Events Large-Scale hiring strategy planning

Transitional Services

Obtain a compassionate people expert to provide professional transition services for  your employess during  organizational change.

Services Include: Outplacement Services Career Transition Workshops Employee Feedback and Support Forums

Team Building*

Facilitating retreats and engagement activities that promote deep connection to the organization's mission and valued workforce.

Services Include: Organize Team Retreats Customized Team Building Programs Virtual Team-Building Events Team Building Workshops


Providing expertise in federal and state regulations, and identify any impact to organizational procedures and practices.

Services Include: Review your policies and procedures Federal, State, and local regulations compliance Job Analysis and Classification Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Compliance

*Timing is everything! Some services are available on a seasonal basis. Contact me for more information.

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Premium Services

Public Speaker

Sharing my unique perspective on work and life balance, while empowering women for success.

Event Facilitator

Partnering with you to create safe spaces for private small group events and seminars, virtually and in-person.


My name is Shanice Whittaker

I am an innovative HR Strategist that combines policy, data, and transformative ideas to bring longevity and purpose into the workplace.

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About Me.

I have over a decade of experience in Higher Education and the nonprofit/private sector, serving as an HR practitioner and organizational consultant. I have partnered with C-Suite and board leaders to strategically plan how to allocate their "people resources" and identify effective recruitment, outreach, and engagement plans to retain the help they need to achieve their mission of service in their community. 

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My Portfolio

2016 - Present

Board Member (local/regional)
National Private Non-Profit

Implemented growth and development of the association board on the local state chapter as Board President. During my leadership, increased institutional membership, executive large scale professional development conferences, and developed board bylaws, SOPs, and succession plan. Continuing this work (and more) on a regional level.

2021 - Present

Recording Secretary & Media Relations
National Private Non-Profit

Redesigned records management practices through automation and e-filing methods. Created social platform to expand outreach and engagement.

2018 - 2021

Coordinator to the Board of Directors

Private Non-Profit

Installed a robust framework for recruiting and talent acquisition. Created and conducted a contractor training onboarding and training model in compliance with grant obligations. Designed and implemented programming to enhance outreach and membership engagement, while maintaining compliance with ever changing SF regulations.

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