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Meet Shanice

HR Professional and Business Owner

Shanice is a motivational speaker, author, and founder of the Soul Movement Success coaching program. With over 10 years of experience, she empowers her clients to achieve their goals and build a fulfilling life by combining mindfulness practices with practical tools. Shanice's coaching program covers personal development, career growth, and self-care. She is also a sought-after speaker, delivering powerful messages that inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.


"Strictly focused on the building of my community platform and brand that inspires other women of color to achieve their dreams, I have gained so much knowledge and expanded my network on this journey. I love passing on tried and true advice I’ve picked up along the way to help others grow the lifestyle of their dreams."

Soul Movement LLC oversees this signature coaching program, Soul Movement Success. The program will equip and empower BIPOC women, like you, seeking guidance in goal setting and career planning. It is customized to your journey to build a path to a sustainable lifestyle.


You can take advantage of the various services to develop your inner self and manifest your dreams, outward. If you are a:

  • Job seeker who wants strategies to obtain that dream job;

  • An entrepreneur who wants tools to create a plan to succeed in your craft; 

  • Changemaker who wants to activate your full potential as an impactful leader in service.


The result is that you will reach your wealth and health goals by overcoming barriers that LIMIT your success. Every experience empowers women, like you, to define your goals, move with confidence, build your queendom, and thrive while building your legacy.


The Victory Village

Cultivating communities of Black women entrepreneurs to clarify their purpose, push past barriers, and become empowered in leadership for their communities.


Join my village of successful women THRIVING in their purpose and work.

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